We're very proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years

Wheelchair Service Lead

North East Essex NHS Wheelchair Service

The web based stock book has improved efficiency within the service. It has allowed us to quickly view all available stock and allocate wheelchairs to clients. It has also allowed us to look at the history of each chair and its current configuration to best match our clients requirements. It allows us to look at a photograph of all un-reconditioned and powered wheelchairs to better inform the prescribing therapist of its current status and required parts for reconditioning. It has allowed admin to run reports more efficiently to maintain adequate stock levels.

Wheelchair Services Co-ordinator

Mid Essex NHS Wheelchair Service

I know I speak for the team when I say what an asset it is. We have used it since it was first made available to us and can't fault it. It is accurate, reliable, is a great aid to stock taking, Therapists find the photos and list spec extremely helpful and with the additional resources soon to be availableā€¦cost of chairs and their depreciation worked out against your own required percentage it will be of even more value to the service. We currently use it in 3 of the WCS provided by CECS and it is soon, on our request, going to be used by the approved contractors in our other areas Cambridge and Peterborough.

Wheelchair Services Co-Ordinator

Enfield NHS Wheelchair Service

Enovate are an extremely professional company. They have insight into our requirements, enabling them to innovate as well as taking on board our ideas and requests. They are always extremely efficient, helpful and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Wheelchair Services Co-ordinator

Mid Essex NHS Wheelchair Service

The web based stock system enables us to quickly and easily check the availability of specific chairs and buggies and the sizes and specification. When pictures are available to view for the more complex type of systems this is even better as we can see the seating already fitted if relevant and the accessories which may not be listed in the spec. We can allocate chairs, so know immediately when issuing chairs from referrals from approved prescribers, if there is something suitable in stock and can make alternative arrangements if not. On the whole it is a vast improvement and we can view it all without leaving our seats!